Safety FAQ’s

Q. Are sessions supervised?
A. Ice Marshalls are present on the rink during all sessions and you are required to adhere to the safe skating guidlines

Q. Do I need special clothing?
A. Do wear gloves; bring them with you as they are not available at the venue. Bring a thick pair of socks, these will ensure that your feet are comfortable while skating. Trailing clothing is not permitted whilst skating.

Q. What about safety equipment?
A. Helmets are available at the venue. We also recommend knee pads, elbow pads and wrist bands.  Feel free to bring your own safety equipment.

Q. Can I bring my camera?
A. The use of cameras, music players or any hand-held equipment is not permitted whilst skating.

Q. Can I have a drink beforehand?
A. Persons who in the opinion of the Ice Marshals have consumed alcohol or any other substance likely to impair their balance will not be allowed on the rink.

Q. Are the Skating sessions recorded?
A. Sessions are recorded on CCTV.

Q. Is there a qualified first aid person on site?
A. In the event of an accident, Swords On Ice will have a qualified person on duty to provide first aid.